Dealing with an auto accident is a stressful experience, and the last thing you want is insurance companies trying to avoid paying your claim.

Insurance companies use several tactics to avoid paying auto insurance claims. Understanding these tactics can help you be better prepared when filing a claim and ensure you receive the coverage you deserve. Also, working with an experienced Chesapeake auto body shop can help you get the claim approved faster.

1.   Delay Tactics | Chesapeake Auto Body

One of the most common strategies insurance companies employ is to delay the claims process. By dragging out the processing time, they bank on the claimant, becoming frustrated and desperate enough to settle for a smaller payout than initially requested. This tactic tests the claimant’s patience and can create financial pressure if they rely on the claim to cover auto body repairs. The longer the insurance company can postpone payment, the more likely the claimant will accept a compromised settlement.

2.   Requesting Unnecessary Information

Insurance adjusters might ask for detailed repair estimates, quotes from different auto body shops, and extensive evidence of the vehicle’s condition before the accident. While some of this information is standard, asking for unnecessary details can be a way to complicate the process, with the hope that the claimant will find it too burdensome and either give up or miss providing some crucial piece of data.

3.   Disputing the Auto Body Shop’s Estimate

Insurance companies often dispute the repair estimates provided by auto body shops, claiming the costs are too high or that certain services are unnecessary. This can result in delays as the claimant navigates between the insurer’s adjuster and the repair shop, trying to negotiate a settlement that covers the full extent of the damages. Chesapeake auto body experts are familiar with these tactics and can assist in ensuring the repairs are accurately assessed and advocating on the claimant’s behalf.

4.   Casting Doubt on the Claim’s Validity

Some insurers might attempt to cast doubt on the claim’s validity. This can involve questioning the circumstances of the accident, suggesting that the damage existed before the incident, or disputing the claimant’s account of events. Insurance companies may also downplay the extent of the damage or argue that it doesn’t match the described accident scenario.

5.   Steering Claimants towards Preferred Auto Body Shops

Some insurance companies have preferred or contracted auto body shops they want their claimants to use. These shops might offer discounted rates to the insurer, but their repairs may not be the same quality as those of independent shops. This can result in subpar repairs and the claimant having to cover additional costs out-of-pocket. Claimants must know they have the right to choose their repair shop, regardless of the insurer’s preferences.

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