Auto body repair in Virginia Beach is an essential service that can help keep your car in top condition. In most cases, cars involved in fender benders or collisions require more than cosmetic repairs. Though it may not be readily evident at first glance, hidden damages could cause more significant damage in the future if left unaddressed.

That is why it’s so important to have a qualified auto body specialist, like Mike’s Paint & Body, examine your vehicle for any underlying issues before starting repairs.

What Is Hidden Auto Body Damage?

It is the kind of auto damage that is not immediately visible to an observer. Some examples include structural issues, frame misalignment, suspension damage, and mechanical problems. Whether it’s a new car or a pre-owned one, it is vital to have a professional inspect the vehicle thoroughly to ensure its safety, integrity, and appearance.

Remember to get the CARFAX reports, too, in the case of a pre-owned!

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Finding Hidden Auto Body Damage | Auto Body Repair in Virginia Beach

As renowned experts in auto body repair in Virginia Beach, we specialize in identifying hidden damage your vehicle may have suffered and offer you comprehensive repairs.

Here are some tips for inspecting your car for hidden damage correctly:

1. Visual Examination | Auto Body Repair In Virginia Beach

Look for any signs of damage, such as dents, scratches, or misaligned panels. Pay close attention to bumpers, fenders, doors, and trunks.

2. Use Proper Lighting

Utilize a bright flashlight or work under well-lit conditions to identify subtle damage or bodywork irregularities that may be difficult to see in dim lighting.

3. Check Panel Gaps | Auto Body Repair in Virginia Beach

Inconsistent gaps between panels could indicate underlying damage or poor repairs.

4. Paint Condition

Look for any variations in paint color or texture. Mismatched paint or an inconsistent finish may suggest previous repairs or touch-ups. Our auto body repair in Virginia Beach also covers exceptional refinishing of damaged or botched paint jobs.

5. Corrosion | Auto Body Repair in Virginia BeachHidden Auto Body Damage | Auto Body Repair in Virginia Beach

Inspect the vehicle for signs of rust or corrosion, especially around the wheel wells, undercarriage, & door frames. Rust can indicate hidden damage or poor repairs.

6. Test the Door Alignment | Auto Body Repair In Virginia Beach

Open and close each door individually, observing how they align and latch. Doors that don’t close smoothly or have excessive gaps may indicate structural damage.

7. Check for Misaligned Auto Parts

Look for signs of misalignment, such as uneven gaps between body panels or parts that appear out of place. This could suggest previous repairs or hidden auto body damage.

8. Consult Us

If you suspect hidden damage or are uncertain about the condition of a vehicle, consider seeking a professional inspection from an experienced auto body technician. We can provide a detailed assessment using specialized tools and expertise.

Haul In Your Ride for Auto Body Repair in Virginia Beach!

Mike’s Paint and Body offers professional auto body repair & paint services at competitive prices. We understand that collisions, accidents & a change of ownership can leave behind hidden auto body damage to your vehicle that isn’t always easy to recognize & repair.

But we have you covered with exceptional repairs & PPG refinish paints for complete auto body restoration. Call us at (757) 227-5640 for a hassle-free auto shop experience!